From Our Chief Visionary Officer

Dear Friend of the Foundation: 

Most of us look at our days in the wrong way. We over exaggerate yesterday. We overestimate tomorrow. We underestimate today. The truth is that the most important day any of us will experience is today. Making today our masterpiece is the key to success.The Saint Paul’s Community Foundation is an agent of tomorrow functioning today to make a difference in the world. We believe ourselves to be agents of God’s resources and witnesses to God’s goodness. The Foundation’s ultimate goal is to bring honor and praise to God is achieved through its funding of the significant and pacesetting programs of the Saint Paul’s Baptist Church and its corporate affiliates.

Your gifts to the Foundation make real the dream of sustaining this life-changing ministry in future generations. Your gifts make real the dream of supporting other community nonprofits whose missions align with ours. Our goal is to have a multi-generational impact that will change lives and communities for years to come. We thank you for your interest in the Foundation and encourage you to become part of our family of contributors.

With warmest regards, I remain

Dr. Lance D. Watson

Senior Pastor, The Saint Paul’s Baptist Church