Our Philosophy, Mission & Vision

About Us

Saint Paul’s Community Foundation was formed in response to the keen vision and foresight of Pastor Lance Watson. He believed that a sound financial structure in place would be capable of sustaining the mission, ministry and operations of the Saint Paul’s Baptist Church and its corporate affiliates for future generations to come. The Saint Paul’s Community Foundation was subsequently formed with the purpose of faithfully building and managing endowment funds.



We support the church’s mission to empower people to grow in every aspect of their lives into the persons that God created them to be. We believe that making a positive difference in the lives of people makes communities stronger.



The mission of the Foundation is to provide durable support for the ministries and programs of Saint Paul’s Baptist Church and its affiliates and to fund other nonprofits within the community that support the church’s mission.



Our vision is to have a multi-generational impact that will change lives and communities for years to come. PROGRAMS and EVENTS